FlyCleaners Delivers Clothing to Correct Customer, Awarded Key to the City

FlyCleaners, the New York City- based laundry delivery service, had its first documented case of returning a bag of clothing to the correct customer last Thursday. The news first broke when @BasicBrittany tweeted “gotta love clean jammies on this rainy night, thanks @FlyCleaners #blessed.”

FlyCleaners, which launched over two years ago, has earned a reputation as a company that literally cannot do the simplest of tasks correctly. Samantha Brooks, a resident of Greenwich Village, described her experience with FlyCleaners this summer as “dealing with a level of incompetence on the scale of eating at Applebee’s. I’m frankly shocked they’ve come this far.”

Sarah Norton, the spokeswoman for FlyCleaners, was equally surprised at their recent achievement, noting, “sometimes the order gets so fucked up that it ends up back in the right place again. We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.”

Mayor de Blasio was so tickled at the good news that he awarded FlyCleaners an honorary key to the city in a ceremony at City Hall. FlyCleaners COO Billy Benz was unable to attend the ceremony as he accidentally got on the subway going the wrong way. Benz has promised he’ll schedule another pickup to get the key real soon.