Growing Pile of Dog Shit in Williamsburg Roped Off as Possible Banksy Installation

Two Williamsburg residents have taken it upon themselves to help preserve what could be a valuable piece of street art. Sam Gomez and Jamie Horwitz first noticed the eye-catching structure while walking past McCarren Park last weekend. Local dogs have taken to shitting in a specific spot near the northwest corner of the park, creating an impressive looking mound.

While most people recognize it as simply a giant pile of crap, Gomez and Horwitz think it could be the work of Banksy, the elusive street artist whose unsigned pieces often appear mysteriously. Though feces is not a medium Banksy typically works in, he’s been known to experiment with cutting edge techniques.

Gomez and Horwitz have positioned caution tape around the area and take turns patrolling the art installation, often getting help from their underemployed friends. Dogs are free to explore and add to the mass, but human intervention is strictly guarded against. “This is both a health code violation and a huge pain in my ass,” said Urban Park Ranger Stan Knope, who is charged with keeping McCarren Park clean. “I tried to explain to the boys that dogs often defecate on the grass, but they have thwarted all my cleanup efforts.”

Gomez believes he is protecting a gold mine. “Based on what Banksy’s works have sold for at auction, I’d say we’re sitting on about $4 million of shit,” he said. Horwitz has already inked a deal with local artist Kit Buxman to create an exclusive line of t-shirts and tote bags bearing the likeness of the poop sculpture. Items will be available for purchase online and at McCarren Park.