Ikea Introduces Latest Bed Size: The New York King

Ikea unveiled a brand new style of bed at their Red Hook location yesterday. Dubbed the "New York King,” it was designed specifically to fit the needs of New Yorkers. Similar to its California King counterpart, the New York King is meant to instantly invoke a sense of the NYC lifestyle.

The new bed measures 28 inches across and 55 inches long, making it about 70% the size of a traditional twin bed. Unassembled, the bed collapses down to the size of a window AC unit and can comfortably fit beneath a subway bench.

Ikea’s Chief Innovation Officer Hans Shuller did extensive research on what design would fit the needs of the average city dweller. “We visited over 200 NYC apartments and discovered that none of the existing bed sizes would make the cut,” Shuller said. “We had to go smaller, cheaper, more resistant to water damage. It was an incredible challenge, but the people of New York deserve this.”

The Sadsmøll bed frame will retail for $49 and is available starting today. A line of accompanying bed sheets and duvet covers featuring bed bug resistant plastic coating is also available in stores.