MTA Opens 7 Train Line Extension as Underground Walkway

The MTA has officially announced the opening of the 7 train extension. The new portion of the line expands service from Times Square to 34th Street and 11th Avenue, helping to improve accessibility to the Hudson Yards area of Manhattan.

After months of construction issues which delayed completion, the MTA proudly declared it open for business. New Yorkers can take advantage of the covered walkway to commute down 34th Street starting today. “This is a huge win for residents along the Hudson, providing commuters with insulation from the weather and safety from cars and bikes on street-level walkways,” said MTA Project Manager Thomas Pinkerton.

While many New Yorkers assumed the improvements would include train service between these stations, Pinkerton clarified that providing functioning subway transportation was simply outside the budget and scope of this project. “At the end of the day we felt a cool underground tunnel to walk through would provide just as much value,” said Pinkerton.

The homeless population currently living in the tunnel is fully prepared to defend its territory, giving commuters “an authentic New York experience and a bit of a thrill,” said Pinkerton. “We’ve been encouraging them to relocate to the Second Avenue Subway, but until then outrunning panhandlers might even make your commute a little faster.”