New Dating App Matches Singles With Mutual STDs

A new dating app called Antibody is catching on with New Yorkers. It matches users based on common sexually transmitted diseases. Singles are required to enter their basic medical history upon signup and can select from an exhaustive database of diseases they currently suffer from. Antibody then runs a sophisticated algorithm to match users based on disease type, frequency and severity of outbreaks, and willingness to wear a paper bag during intercourse.

The app also features location-based matching which activates anytime you enter a pharmacy or health care provider. Antibody Community Manager Ali Wetzel said “doctor’s office waiting rooms will be the new hot spot to meet a potential mate. We see them as the Standard Biergarten for undateables.”

Founder and CEO Charlie Bentley, who counts both genital herpes and chlamydia amongst his many off- putting features, started the app to break down the stigma of dating with disease. “I can and will continue to make irresponsible sexual choices. This helps me find people I could also likely steal prescriptions from.”

The app is currently in private beta in the Williamsburg and Lower East Side neighborhoods of New York City. VP of Product Lance Neck said they’ve been able to “recruit a critical mass of infected individuals in these areas” and has high hopes that the app with be as contagious as the crippling illnesses of its users.