Week 11: Puppy Mingling & Party Crashing

Tuesday, Mar. 29, 2016
Location:  d.b.a. (East Village)
Event: InstaVet app launch
Food: Pretzel roll, avocado and mozzarella sandwich, cheese, and dog/human cupcake

Giving us yet another ridiculous way to spend our money, a group of people in NYC launched an app which lets you summon a veterinarian right to your pet's doorstep. While 100% of the pets in attendance were small shaky dogs, apparently 70% of the app's users are cats, proving yet again that cats are lazy bitches (and that they are my spirit animal). I consumed a cupcake which was very likely meant for dogs, but still tasted pretty good.

Sunday, Apr. 3, 2016
Location:  NYU Grand Hall (Greenwich Village)
Event: Sila Connection award dinner
Food: Eggplant parmasean, mashed potatoes, zucchini, beet salad, and a brownie

This was the final award presentation for some sort of tech competition that I was definitely not invited to. This led to some moments of extreme discomfort for me when I realized everyone else there knew each other and were all 22-year-olds with South African accents. In my defense, I was going to another event in the building and the guard directed me here instead, but I had to stay when I realized how much better the food was than my original plans. I regret nothing.

10 meals in March // $50 donated to Food Bank For New York City