Week 13: Vegetable Cults & Consolation Carbs

Tuesday, Apr. 12, 2016
Location:  Park Slope Food Coop (Park Slope)
Event: King Georges documentary screening
Food: Vegetables, cheese, hummus, and crackers

I was not allowed into the actual supermarket area of the coop given that I'm not a dues-paying, shelf-stacking, Park Slope-living human so I was ushered out of sight into the back office area on the second floor. They served up some fresh vegetables and screened the documentary King Georges. It features renowned French chef Georges Perrier as he fights to keep his Philadelphia restaurant Le Bec-Fin relevant. He is aided by his right-hand man Nicholas Elmi who would go on to win Top Chef and get a much nicer car.

Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2016
Location:  Button HQ (Murray Hill)
Event: Happy Data Hour
Food: Pizza from Joe's Pizza

This networking event was about data and analytics which is pretty much exactly what I do in real life. This made it all the more intolerable to talk about without getting paid for it. Luckily everyone there was pretty awkward so they had to keep the booze free flowing. The pizza had broccoli on it which put me way over my vegetable requirement for the week.

Sunday, Apr. 17, 2016
Location: Google Translate Pop-Up Restaurant (Lower East Side)
Event: #everyonespeaksfood
Food: Matcha and passion fruit doughnuts from Dough

Google Translate hosted a series of free pop-up dinners prepared by notable local chefs. I guess I'm still a free food amateur compared to most New Yorkers because all the reservations were gone when I checked. As a consolation prize to the rest of us, they also set up a doughnut stand outside serving up a variety of exotic flavors. I sampled the matcha and passion fruit options which went well with the Snickers ice cream bar I had eaten just earlier.