Week 14: Non-Brooklyn Bites & Lobster Night

Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2016
Location:  Rizzoli Bookstore (Flatiron)
Event: Brooklyn Bar Bites book signing
Food: Asparagus with habanero sauce, crackers and dip

I'm told Rizzoli is a bougie publishing house for art books. Tuesday night they hosted a signing for a book about Brooklyn bar food which for some reason they decided not to hold at a bar in Brooklyn. Fortunately the food was catered by Chuko and Gran Electrica, two Brooklyn favorites. The people to food ratio was not good at this event so I had to use all my free food skills to acquire this cracker and piece of asparagus.

Wednesday, Apr. 20, 2016
Location:  Jing Fong (Chinatown)
Event: Complimentary Lobster Night
Food: Lobsters with garlic

Jing Fong is one of my go-to dim sum spots and the only place I know in New York City with a glorious escalator that carries you into the restaurant. Once every few months I get a magical email from them offering me a complimentary meal. I've gone for Peking duck before, but this time it was lobster prepared one of four ways. Some day I will make three friends so we can try all the ways at once.

Saturday, Apr. 23, 2016
Location:  Columbia University (Morningside Heights)
Event: Unknown
Food: Cotton candy

My greatest regret was arriving at Columbia too late and witnessing the scraps of the free Chipotle I had missed. I have no idea what this event was but it roughly resembled the first week of college when various clubs try to recruit you. I am significantly too old to join a college club but I did indulge in the free popcorn and cotton candy they were using to bribe the undergrads.