Week 20: Donut Day & Happy Suits

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Location:  Naples 45 (Grand Central)
Event: Happy hour
Food: Cheese pizza

If I'm forced to eat at the same restaurant as bankers and other sorts of suit-wearing people, there better be free pizza. Luckily, Naples 45, which quickly fills after work with complaints about the bond market and other things I don't understand delivers on the food and even has a decent outdoor space. Every day at happy hour they bring out baking sheets of pizza to pair with cans of their non-interesting beer selection.

Friday, June 3, 2016
Location:  Krispy Kreme (Penn Station)
Event: National Donut Day
Food: Glazed donut

National Donut Day is becoming a serious contender for my favorite holiday. There are no family obligations and you get free donuts so it has a real chance of de-throning Thanksgiving. I got to make another visit to Penn Station to collect my glazed donut from the only Krispy Kreme location in NYC. My fellows commuters and I enjoyed our breakfast while taking in the beautiful surroundings and wondering why we didn't get a summer Friday.

10 meals in May // $50 donated to Food Bank For New York City