Week 34: French Cheese & American Democracy

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Location: French Institute Alliance Française
Event: Open House
Food: Bread and cheese

This event confirmed that French people do not understand or like me. Perhaps it's my outward mocking of them or that time I said I hate Paris, but we're not homies. I do however fully support wine and bread and cheese, which in combination make me abandon all my values. I got into a small disagreement about how much cheese I wanted, which ended amicably with my promising I would never come back.

Saturday, September 17, 2016
Location: Ninth Ave. Street Fair (Hell's Kitchen)
Event: Ben & Jerry's Pledge to Vote
Food: Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet

I was just walking down 9th Ave when I noticed a crowd gathering—which usually means a biker got hit by a car or free food. Luckily for all of us it was the latter. Ben & Jerry's was giving away free ice cream in exchange for pledging to vote in the upcoming presidential election. While Ben and Jerry won't get the chance to vote for their Vermont homeboy Bernie they were doing their part to support democracy and dessert.