Week 4: Pizza Job & Harry Popcorn

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016
Location:  Babeland (Park Slope)
Event: A Pizza My Heart Party
Food: Artichoke pizza

The speaker at this event summed it up best: "I get to do two of my favorite things to do with my mouth: eat pizza and give head." Babeland (a female-owned sex shop from Seattle) was hosting an oral sex workshop at their Park Slope location. I think we were all lured there by the promise of Artichoke pizza, but the impossibly cool Brooklyn chick with black lipstick gave a pretty damn entertaining presentation.

Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016
Location:  Halyards (Gowanus)
Event: Harry Potter Trivia & Movie Screening
Food: Popcorn

Drink every time you see a Horcrux. This gets real fun when you remember Harry Potter is one. We arrived just as trivia was finishing up and in time to stock up on popcorn before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince started. The crowd here was the right amount of rowdy and they do table service during the movie so I could be my true lazy self.

Honorable mention: Fashion show at the Time Hotel. Never go to a Fashion Week event that's open to the public. There's a reason these things are high brow and exclusive—because then they don't suck. When you can't tell whether you're at the event or waiting in line to check out of the hotel you know it's time to leave. No free food or drinks in sight, but one very delusional event planner.