Week 56: Feminists & Freelancers

Thursday, March 2, 2017
Location: Cornell University ILR
Event: The Global Gig Economy: Choice or Necessity?
Food: Fruit, crackers, cheese

Usually events involving Ivy League schools and reputable consulting firms find legitimate reasons to exclude me, but I somehow slipped through the cracks. McKinsey Consulting presented their report on the gig economy hosted by the Cornell ILR School. Apparently about 30% of people do this type of independent work and they're happier than the rest of us with dumb regular jobs.

Saturday, March 4, 2017
Location: Barnard College
Event: Haptic Bodies: Perception, Touch, and the Ethics of Being
Food: Sandwich, salad, pasta salad

What is the smell of resistance? This was perhaps the least weird question posed at the Haptic Bodies talk, which was part of Barnard's annual Scholar and Feminist Conference. I got to revisit my all girls school roots and wander around Barnard desperately hoping that my face still looks 19 (it does not). We also got to chat with an adorable quilter who was featured in an accompanying art installation and was basically the second grandma we all want.