Week 6: Mystery Sides & Fashion Froyo

Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016
Location:  Pivotal Labs (Chelsea)
Event: Pivotal HDB + Alpine Data Use Case and Demo
Food: Pizza and mystery side

I truly cannot tell you what this was about. It had something to do with big data and Hadoop and making your shit run faster. The presenters were well-intentioned but didn't make a very strong effort to dumb stuff down for me. I enjoyed my typical free meal of pizza, but the side dish had apples and zero other identifiable ingredients.

Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016
Location: Bloomingdale's Outlet (Upper West Side)
Event: BeautyKind Pop-Up
Food: Peanut butter frozen yogurt from Forty Carrots

BeautyKind hosted a pop-up at Bloomingdale's Outlet showcasing some sort of makeup. I sensed the sales people approaching so I grabbed my free froyo and got the hell out of dodge. I spent the rest of my time in the store trying on boots and trying to decide if this place was better or worse than Nordstrom Rack.