Week 61: Town Halls & Wedding Bells

Monday, April 3, 2017
Location: Roulette (Boerum Hill)
Event: Roulette's Spring Neighborhood Open House
Food: Beans, rice, edible spoon

This event would have been perfect for planning my nonexistent upcoming wedding. Various caters served up their best offerings, a live band played, and I even got to experience the awkward mingling my guests would endure. And in the most exciting moment since I found out about bread bowls, I experienced my first hor d'oeuvre served on an edible spoon.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Location: St. John's Lutheran Church (Greenpoint)
Event: 94th Precinct Community Council Meeting
Food: Donut

If you are nostalgic for conservative small-town politics, head over to the 94th Precinct's Community Board meeting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. You can recall the Pledge of Allegiance from third grade and enjoy a delicious Peter Pan blueberry muffin-esque donut in the basement of a church. Progressives beware, but if you're interested in opening a bar in the neighborhood, it might be best for you to show your face.

—Guest roach Alyson

Thursday, April 6, 2017
Location: Cornell University ILR
Event: The Maker Movement
Food: Shrimp , avocado toast, mushroom

Cornell ILR school hosted another event on the future of work. This talk focused on the maker movement, which I guess just describes people with useful hobbies, unlike my foray into collecting coins. My overall takeaway was that I should probably get back into shrinky dinks.