Week 7: Mini Meals & Cheesy Art

Wednesday, Mar. 3, 2016
Location:  Bene Rialto (Midtown West)
Event: Peak Photography Opening Reception
Food: Cheese cubes, crackers, and fruit

This was the opening reception for some sort of heavily Photoshopped series of pictures. It was filled with what appeared to be post-divorce Upper East Side ladies and I was the only one who took any interest in the cheese cubes. Most of the guests gravitated towards the Perrier and white wine area. The art seemed reasonably priced compared to how much they say art costs on TV, but very expensive compared to how much disposable income I have.

Thursday, Mar. 4, 2016
Location:  ABC Carpet & Home (Flatiron)
Event: Maple Syrup Book Launch
Food: Mini pancakes

Pretty much the most adorable free food I've eaten. This was the launch party for a book about maple syrup, a historically underrepresented topic in modern literature. It took place on the bottom floor of a home goods store I can never hope to afford. The pancakes were hot off the griddle and deposited on a disposable plate that is nicer than all my real plates at home.

Sunday, Mar. 6, 2016
Location: M&M'S World (Times Square)
Event: Vote For Your Favorite Peanut
Food: Chili Nut, Honey Nut, and Coffee Nut M&M'S

I randomly wandered into the M&M'S World store in Times Square as I sometimes do. As part of the 75th anniversary celebration, they're letting we, the fans, vote on our favorite type of new peanut M&M. I'm partial to Chili Nut since I'm a cultured lady who spent some time in the Sichuan province of China. My new Japanese tourist friends preferred Coffee Nut.

8 meals in February // $40 donated to Food Bank For New York City