Week 73: Robots and IHOPs

Thursday, August 3, 2017
Location: Thoughtworks (Flatiron)
Event: Bots & AI: Teaching Machines to See & Creating Intelligent Machine
Food: Pizza

This was the latest in a series of me being antisocial at events I don't understand. They were talking about some sort of artificial intelligence and my repeated viewing of that Haley Joel Osment movie didn't give me any street cred. The good news is there was plenty of pizza because duh robots don't eat.

Friday, August 4, 2017
Location: Flatiron
Event: IHOP's New French Toasted Donuts
Food: Maple Bacon Donut

After a few failed attempts at reaping the benefits of national pancake day at IHOP, I finally got some free food from them. In their endless pursuit to recklessly combine existing foods, they came up with french toast donuts. The particular one I got was smothered in maple syrup and bacon. It was like 9am so I ate the bacon off the top and got the hell out of there.

Sunday, August 6, 2017
Location: Everlane Pop-Up (Williamsburg)
Event: The Day Market
Food: Wild Cherry Slurpee

Amidst the hipster paradise of sidewalk jewelry vendors, coffee shops, boutiques, and Rosemary's, Everlane created a pop up shop. They featured their new line of Italian leather goods and offered their guests some special treats.  Delicious Dream Pops molded into gem shaped delicacies were offered in yummy tropical flavors. With purchase you could have designed your own flower arrangement, but I decided to listen to the free DJed beats and enjoy my sweet treat. 

—Guest roach Alyson