2016: My Year of Free Food

I've always been cheap. Maybe it was watching my Grandma's fierce dedication to getting her free refill of coffee at McDonald's that first inspired me. I can't say no to free food. I'll eat when I'm not hungry. I'll eat complex carbohydrates when I said I wouldn't. I'll eat that offensive yellow popcorn that comes in a giant tin.

Luckily I've managed to get a lot of free meals in my life without really trying. I've been bribed into watching fire safety demonstrations in college, going to awkward social gatherings at work, and spending my weekends trolling the aisles of Costco. All in the name of free food.

For 2016, I've challenged myself to see how many free meals a week I can eat. Though every event I attend must be open to the public and all the food must be completely free, I do wonder if my education or privilege or income bracket secretly gives me access to a lot more than some of my fellow New Yorkers. As a small token of gratitude, I'll donate $5 (equivalent to 25 meals) to the Food Bank For New York City for every free meal I eat.

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