Week 55: Politics & Posers

Our new guest roach this week is Alyson. This Barnard grad can be found social working around and getting a stellar return on her unlimited metro card. Her interests include kickboxing, saying she's going to knit you a hat, and dead Tejano singers. She eats free to support ACLU.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Location: Union Temple of Brooklyn (Prospect Heights)
Event: 9th District of Brooklyn Town Hall Regarding Trump's First 30 Days
Food: Donuts

Trying to be a politically aware and active millennial in Brooklyn is no easy feat. Especially when there are 1,500 other like-minded people trying to get into the same Jewish temple to engage and listen to Congresswoman Yvette Clarke's town hall presentation and discussion. The struggle of a roach never felt so real. Thank the universe there were piles of donuts, brownies, cookies, blondies, and coffee available for the masses to nosh while writing a very thought-provoking and strongly worded postcard to the 45th president, who shall remain unnamed. 


Thursday, February 23, 2017
Location: NYU School of Law (Greenwich Village)
Event: Run for Something: Helping Progressives Under 35 Run for Office
Food: Pizza

NYU Law Democrats hosted an event to encourage progressives under 35 to run for political office. I got to pretend to be an NYU Law student for the night, which is a lot safer than that time I pretended to be a pilot. They also served pizza, which is a political candidate I can get behind.

6 meals in February // $20 donated to Food Bank For New York City // $10 donated to LA Food Bank // $10 donated to ACLU