Week 16: Pizza Parties & Library Locals

Monday, May 2, 2016
Location:  Joe & Pat's (Staten Island)
Event: Uber NYC 5 Year Anniversary
Food: Slice of pizza

Joe & Pat's is one of those quintessential New York pizza places that everyone is supposed to try. Given its Staten Island location it took the promise of free food to get me there. I kept it simple with a slice of cheese pizza which they do on a thin crust. They definitely make a good pie and the people behind the counter provided the right kind of charm for a local pizza joint.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Location: Downtown Community Television Center (Chinatown)
Event: Jewels from the DOME Project Film Screening
Food: Pizza

Keeping with the pizza theme I ate 3 slices at this event. While I usually save my binge eating for the winter, the shit weather made it a perfect time to wear sweats in public again. The DOME Project is an organization that provides educational opportunities outside the traditional school system. Four students premiered a documentary they made about their lives growing up in NYC and their hopes for the future. During the Q&A it became very clear that one of the guys has a bright future as a reality star / TV personality.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Location: Brooklyn Public Library
Event: Created in Brooklyn: Turnstile Tours and Whole Foods
Food: Turkey wrap and vegetables

This was my second time at this monthly event which highlights local businesses. First up was a very Brooklyn looking couple who started a tour company with offerings ranging from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to food carts of midtown. I was afraid they would try to get me to add more chia seeds to my diet, but other than that they seemed perfectly harmless. Next, the manger of the Gowanus Whole Foods showed off stories of some of his employees and complained about them all wanting to transfer to the new Williamsburg location. Whole Foods also provided dinner so I was very amenable to their propaganda.